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Our #1 priority for our clients is their safety and helping them navigate through the ever changing events blanketing the world.  While we understand the potential increased anxiety and fear surrounding this virus, it's vital to react, but not overreact.

In the wake of the spread of Corona Virus we ask that you take the following steps to help streamline care for all:

*Visit the CDC website for the most up to date information regarding the virus, and how you can protect yourself and others: 

*The office transitioned over to Zoom online meetings months ago, and this will likely be the route many providers will be forced to take, at least until the virus spread has calmed. If you need to be seen, please email the office and schedule an appointment as you normally would. Please be patient, healthcare providers are diligently working to accommodate an extreme increase in patient volumes and requests

*Insurance carriers are actively working to implement changes to mental health coverage to include multiple aspects of tele-medicine, but this is new territory for many, and it will not be perfect out of the gate. We are LEGALLY REQUIRED to have an updated consent form on file for each patient being seen via Zoom. Please download the form using the link below, and return to the office either by email or fax to (860)213-8350 prior to any upcoming visits.

*Be sure you have a supply of your essential medications (ADD/ADHD medications are NOT considered essential/life threatening  medications) on hand in case a lockdown is issued, or pharmacies are forced to close for a period of time (likely just a couple of weeks if at all).

Having said this, PLEASE DO NOT PANIC and attempt to stock pile your medications. Pharmacies and physicians are extremely overwhelmed at this time, and it is important that we all work to prioritize care, and allow for ample supplies of medications to be available to all in need.